Widdershins Vizslas Photo Gallery
Schooner - sadly missed by
Artie Verdini Boston, MA.
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Misty - owned by the Plourde's
New Boston, NH
Hurley - owned by Stacey Philibert
Attleboro, MA
Amos - owned by the
Carlisle, MA
Annabelle - owned by the Puglia's
New Hampshire
Bart - sadly missed by
Anne Murrock & Andy Breeding
Bella - owned by the Russells
Waterboro, ME
Bidie - owned by the Wiswalls
Castine, ME
Bacardi - owned by Dave Nelson
Caroli - sadly missed by Nomi Kluger-Nash
Cooper - owned by the Warrens
Bangor, ME
Cooper owned by the Quattrochi's
Kona - owned by the Lygo-Yarns
Cumberland, ME
Heidi - owned by the Shattlers
New Hampshire
Dana - sadly missed by
Anne Murrock & Andy Breeding
Kassie - owned by the Tarboxs
Gloucester, MA
Ella - owned by Natalie Zammito
Boston, MA
Hunter - missed by the Drinkwaters
Northport, ME
Hunter - missed  by the Coupes
Rhode Island
Hunter - owned by John Skriner
New York
Tavish - owned by the Baetz
Arundel, ME
Kingston & Juno
owned by the Aframes & Nydams
Kelly - owned by the Gibsons
Lilly - owned by Jim Sabbia
Winchester, MA
Larkin - owned by the Hemmendingers
Rhode Island
Loge & friend - sadly missed  by the
Peotters, New Hampshire
Tucker & Bailey - owned by
Sioban Stephans
New Hampshire
Reggie & Foodette (sadly missed) owned by the Wiswalls
Castine, ME
Water Dogs - Julinka & Tas - owed by Kat Blais & Dave Pober
Sutten, VT
Tess - owned by the Phillips
Acton, MA
Red - sadly missed by the Townsends
Belfast, ME
Targa - owned by Scott Mellen
Benton, ME
Rip - missed by the Drews
Ellsworth, ME
Maddie & Callar
owned by the Prices & the Grimleys
Vizska - owned by Ray Perry
New Jersey
Sofie - owned by the McDaniels
Charlotte, ME
Phoebe - owned by Kitty Pullen
Annsville, PA
Ozzy & Kata (sadly missed)
owned by the Osbornes
Millinocket, ME
Ruby - owned by Laura Jamison
New Hampshire
Ivan - missed by the Doyles
Rusty - sadly missed by the Jewetts
Jefferson, ME
Makin - owned by the Yonkers
Momo - owned by Andrew Campbell
& Meg Riordan
Bronx, NY
Maggie - owned by the Bowens
Stratham, NH
Sig - owned by Amanda Cates
Merrimac, MA
Sadie - owned by the Beausoleils
Manchester, NH
D.O.G. - owned by the Leavitts
Warner, NH
Jed - owned by the Townsends
Belfast, ME
Tanner - owned by Missy Abbot
Lyman, ME
Molly - owned by Michael Friel
Brighton, MA
Juno & Kristina Van Vleck
Baron - owned by Stephanie &
Manny Gutierrez,  Lunenburg, MA
Tavish - owned by the Baetz
Arundel, M
Oscar - sadly missed by
the Kosakowski's
Cedar - owned by the Strands
of New Hampshire
Luna - owned by John DiSantos
Portland, Maine
Colby - owned by the Vacech's
of Rhode Island.
Mack - owned by Alex Gorman &
Amanda Godbout, Merrimack, NH