As you can see a kiddie pool, makes an excellent whelping box.  It is
easy to clean, and with a special heating pad under the pool, it is easy
to keep puppies warm without the use of a heat lamp or over heating
the whole room.  For the first couple of weeks, it is easiest to keep
them on the pool without bedding, mom keeps them clean and dry,
and puppies don't get tangled in the bedding.  By 3 - 4 weeks, puppies
are up and about enough to be trying to escape the pool, and are
eating puppy food.  At that time they are transferred to our "puppy
pen" with a dog house for a bed.  This teaches them to enjoy  living in
a crate, and to get out of the box to eliminate.  We expose the
puppies  to cats and household noises & children (when we can round
some up to play).

Puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, and dewormed prior to sale at 8
weeks of age.  

We are firm believers in providing a lifetime of support for our puppy
buyers and encourage buyers to contact us with any questions.  As
responsible breeders we require buyers to return dogs to us if for any
reason they are unable to keep their dog, no matter how old it may be.
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Gem and 1 week old puppies - HAPPY!
Here are 5  puppies in the big puppy
box.  Four weeks old.
Here is "Vizshka" vizsla puppy owed by Ray Perry of PA showing off her lovely blue eyes.  This picture was
taken at 9 weeks. Her eye color will start changing over the next few months to gold then more brown as the
years go by.  (Gemini x Eli puppy)
Here is a weimaraner puppy - 1 day
Rye and 9 pups born Jan. 13, 2011
And a Vizsla puppy at 12 days old.