At Widdershins all our livestock are allowed free access to our natural Maine pastures & home grown hay.
We sell grass fed beef as custom cut sides or whole steers.
Steers are raised by their Devon mother cows or if purchased as calves,
they are started on milk from our Jersey milk cows until weaning,
then are raised on pasture and hay until ready for processing.
The steers and Devon herd are strictly grass fed, which offers our clients a healthier, better grade of meat.
If you would like to learn more about
Grass-Fed meat go to:

For custom cut sides/wholes our steers are delivered to the butcher by us,
buyers pay their own butcher bill, and pay us per pound
of the hanging weight.  (pre-cutting, wrap & freezing)

If you are interested in purchasing grass fed beef - custom side or a whole steer from us
or would like more info. about our Devons contact us at

Devon Cattle
Our Devon herd started with a bred cow and a heifer calf purchased from Cliff Wood of Fairfield Center, ME in 2005.  Mr. Wood had raised beef Devons
for over 50 years and we are very lucky to have obtained such a nice pair of cows to start our herd.  Currently our Devon brood herd
consists of 15 Pure Devons, and 9 percentage Devons with an additional 10 Devon & Devon cross steers.
To learn more about Devons click one of the following links.
Devon Cattle & Dairy String
We have Devons coming & going.
Widdershins Scotia - ADCA # P43648
Heifer - Polled - Pure Devon
DOB - May 2013
Sire - Keystone God
Dam - Widdershins Seraphina

Calving record - 1 heifer
Widdershins Della Mae - ADCA # P40545
Cow - Polled - Pure Devon
DOB Sept 2008
Sire - Applewood Farm Josh
Dam - Longacres Farm Lyric

Calving record - 4 bulls/ 2 heifers
Widdershins Colleen ADCA # DBX43651 & Widdershins Clementine - ADCA # D40885C
Heifer - dehorned -3/4 Devon/Jersey          Cow - dehorned -  Half Devon/Jersey
      DOB Aug. 2-13                                         DOB Sept. 2009
Sire - Widdershins Hickory Wind                    Sire - Applewood Farm Josh
Dam - Widdershins Clementine                              Dam - Jersey
Calving record - 1 bull (7/8th Devon)         Calving record - 3 heifers/
3 bulls (3/4 Devon)
Widdershins Lyra - ADCA # D40886C
Cow- dehorned - Half Devon/Jersey
DOB Dec. 2009
Sire - Applewood Farm Josh
Dam - Jersey - Ruby

Calved three 3/4 Devon heifers/ 1 bull
Lyra is part of our milking herd.
The Milking Herd
Our milking herd consists of four Jerseys & 2 Devon/Jerseys.
The dairy cows get some commercial grain to help provide protein and increase
milk yields, otherwise are on pasture or dry hay.  We are raw milk licensed with the
State of Maine and provide raw milk
in glass 1/2 gallon jars for $ 3.25, on farm only.
Widdershins Dove - ADCA # P43650
Heifer - Polled - Pure Devon
DOB June 2013
Sire - Keystone God
Dam - Widdershins Della Mae

Calving record - 1 bull
Paxterra Roy - RDUSA # H(USD)M42299
Bull - Dehorned - Pure Devon
DOB August 2010
Sire - Keystone Key
Dam - Stonebridge R54

"Roy" is a new bull for us in 2015,
we are looking forward to his
2016 offspring.
Widdershins Opal - ADCA# DBX43098
Cow - polled - Devon/Jersey
DOB - Sept 2011
Sire - Keystone Daniel
Dam - Ruby (Jersey)

Calving record - 3/4 Devon Heifer & 3 Bulls
Opal has been part of our milking string
Widdershins Raqueal - ADCA # D43097
Heifer - Dehorned - Pure Devon
DOB - May 2012
Sire - Keystone Daniel
Dam - Widdershins Rhainnon

Calving record -
2 bulls
Widdershins Talulla - ADCA #PCX 43112
Heifer - Polled - 1/2 Devon/Jersey
DOB - June 2012
Sire - Keystone God
Dam - Jersey

Calving record = 1 Heifer/1 bull
Reference Sires
Keystone Daniel

Daniel was leased for one breeding
season at Widdershins.

He is now owned by Lakota Ranch
Keystone God

God was with us for 3 seasons.

He is now owned by 4Seasons Farm.
Applewood Farm Josh

Josh was our foudation herd sire.

He is currently in PA and still
breeding at 10
+ years old.