Common Ground Fair 2012

The Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc. is the largest and oldest organic
organization  in the country.  It runs the Common Ground Fair on it's grounds in
Unity, ME every September.
A learning fair, it features woodlot, oxen, gardening, and spinning  demonstrations
to name a few  and all manner of
"green" living items &  ideas.

All foodstuffs sold there are organic, and all vendors are from Maine.
More info on MOFGA can be found at

2012 was the fifth  year we exhibited at Common Ground Fair, promoting
Widdershins Devon cattle,
Katahdin sheep,  Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and
the benefits of Grass Fed Beef.

50,000 + people over three days.

This year we did a goat milking demo each morning and a general
goat care and dairy animal selection each afternoon.

We brought our  Devon cow Larsen and her newborn calf Lally
as well as 3 Katahdin sheep and 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats.